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Good morning!
I am happy to report I have already crossed two items off my list! Of course, the list is long today - there are still ten items left on it - but some of the items are brief and several are appointments, that just happen independent of my work ethic. :-)

Today I am very excited about my craft blog post. It will look familiar to those who read this blog...

Monday's craft blog post will be a sketchbook update. That was originally scheduled for today, but I neither wanted to postpone the gazebo nor put the time in to have a sketchbook update prepared for today. I'll sketchbookify over the weekend. Lately I've been crocheting monsters (Stumpy's girlfriend and designs for the mix 'n' match monsters book I'm planning to write), and actually reading. Shocking! I finished the last story in the Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine I picked up at Borders, and started Predictably Irrational, which made me get to bed late because it's so interesting. It's also Thing (#18), as a bonus.

And a report on an experiment: I had one of those excessively large bars of soap in my shower. It had started out as a massaging soap, with a nubbly surface on one side (like this), wore down into a kind of uncomfortable canoe-like shape, and finally broke in half the long way. There was still a lot of it left, and I hated to waste the nice orange smell, so one day late last week I chopped it into bits with a big knife, mixed it with water in a bowl, and zapped it. I had to do two rounds of that, mixing with a fork in between, but then I dumped it out onto plastic wrap and shaped it into a bar to cool. Now it's in the shower again, and I have to say it was a distinct success! It's a little rough - if I had been doing things properly I would have blended or food-processed the soap before wetting and heating it - and it's definitely softer because of the added water (not a bad thing), but it's cohesive and usable.

So maybe eventually I'll get into soapmaking. There could be translucent glycerine fairy soaps and solid castile monster soaps.

That is definitely a project for another time, though. For now, back to the list!
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