Oct. 26th, 2011

Unbelievable how fast October is going. I imagine November will go just as fast, because I'll be just as busy.

The weather is predicted to be "wintry mix" tomorrow and Friday. My favorite! Time to get the peacoat relining finished - it's definitely time for the wearing of such things. Tonight I have a haircut at 5:15, so when I get home from that I'll heat up some of the rice noodles and broccoli in peanut sauce I made last night, and then clear off the dining table so I can cut out the lining pieces. I have no idea whether it is a realistic goal to get the relining done tonight, but I'll try.

Last night I actually left work at 5:30 and had a whole evening at home. That was awesome. I did the aforementioned cooking, and then sat and embroidered for a while. I ran the dishwasher and packed my lunch and gym bag for today, and still went to bed around 9:30. It was so good.

Which reminds me, I hit a new high in sumo deadlift today: 195. Two sets of two and two singletons.

Hope LJ lets me crosspost today...



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