hump day

Oct. 19th, 2011 12:16 pm
The Maple, we hates it. I'm in the midst of trying to get Maple to graph some things for me: approximations of cosine by polynomials. The first two work and the third one refuses to, and gives an extremely unhelpful error message that has no corresponding help page. I might think it was the fact that my last polynomial includes 14!, but the help page for factorial gives as an example 5!!, which is 120!, so it's not a "can't do factorial that high" problem. Or at least it shouldn't be. I can't tell any difference between the definition of that polynomial and the previous two other than the extra terms, but it completely doesn't work.

Still a little lumpy in the left tonsil today, but at least the right one is totally down and the left is much less than it was two days ago. I am a bit behind on my to do list because I cut myself slack yesterday and left at 5:45 (after realizing no work was getting done anyway, as tired and throat-sore as I was). Oh well. If I have to work a bit over Thanksgiving to get my textbook done, then I have to work a bit over Thanksgiving. And who knows, maybe I have allowed myself so much pad time, between the extra time allowed for indexing and the week of Thanksgiving not containing anything specific, that I'll be done anyway (except for the final read-through, which I will certainly not do until the manuscript has rested a couple of days after my last edits).

Hoping no more stuff gets added to my lists for the week, so I can truly be done when I leave for my career counseling meeting on Friday. Back to it!



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