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My birthday twin came to town today and I got to spend nearly five hours with her! It was awesome.

Nominally, she was down to get a ceramic drawer pull at the salvage store, because she got a set for a dresser and one of them didn't quite match the rest, but it was really just to be down here. I put a piece of furniture on hold at the salvage store, though I have to figure out whether it fits where I want to put it. It's a big cabinet of sorts. It has two bookshelves at the base, then three small drawers across the middle, and then a cabinet with metal mesh in the doors above the two leftward drawers, an open cubby above the righthand drawer, and enough of a lip on top that you could put things up there without worrying about anything falling. It's about as tall as I am and as wide as my left shoulder to the tip of my right fingers when I put my arm out to the side.

Then we went to the vintage store, where she found a gorgeous skirt and a much-needed belt. I didn't get anything, though I pondered the necklaces made from game pieces to a game I really think we had when I was a child. They seem like maybe bingo pieces, thick wooden disks with bingo-appropriate letter/number combinations raised on the wood and painted red, but my vague memory says they were something else.

While walking around, we passed by the secondhand store at which she had great luck finding a headboard last time we hung out. We didn't go in, but she caught sight of a "free" basket under the eaves, and we pawed through it. There was some interesting fabric, woven with little cartoony birds, that appeared to have clear contact paper stuck on one side. I liked the birds so I picked it up. We greatly amused a passerby when, while sitting at a table next to the window in the coffee shop, we were both bent over, peeling contact paper off fabric.

I finished the job when I got home tonight and put it through the wash, but it came out with obvious white marks where the puckers of the contact paper had been (i.e., everywhere; the application had been extremely untidy) so I hung it up to air-dry and will have to research sticky residue removal.

She is doing extremely well and we talked about her love life and how she's gone gluten-free and how my term is going and what we've been up to lately.
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