Oct. 17th, 2011 02:43 pm
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LiveJournal doesn't want me to post there, so I'll post here and crosspost. I'm getting a "content encoding" error when I try to load the update page. My first ever dreamwidth post!

Sleepy sleepy. I woke up at 3 this morning and was awake for an hour, following difficulty getting to sleep last night. I don't know why in either case. I was coughing, but not much, and it wasn't that I would get almost to sleep and then cough myself awake again - I never got even close. In the wee hours I put a Halls in my mouth, which may not have helped but certainly didn't hurt, and of course woke up with that unshakeable Halls morning breath. Withstands teeth brushing and gargling, and makes those first few sips of coffee taste awful!

My to do list for the week is getting all garbled together, partially because I realized I have a career counseling meeting on Friday that was in the purse calendar but hadn't made it to the desk calendar. And because one of the things that was on today's list just takes too much attention span on a day that I (a) am tired and (b) know there is a cap on my time. That always makes it hard to concentrate. So I have worked ahead a little bit and am leaving that one item for later on. Fortunately I can stay late Tuesday through Thursday so I should be good for a no-work weekend despite an abbreviated Friday.

Well, I need to ponder my embroidery class for tonight, because I was caught up in preparing materials for it yesterday, knowing that couldn't be done at work but this could, and hopefully finish lecture notes through Friday, because that would be an entire item off tomorrow's list. Cheerio!



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